Data innovation - Let's innovate together!

The way we innovate together is truly unique
Bytesnet literally opens doors for universities, colleges, science, industrial companies, ICT trainers and innovative ICT organisations. We have developed an environment to encourage creativity and we have state-of-the-art facilities available in our Data Competence Centre. We are convinced that many innovative projects can be accelerated by creating connections between a large number of parties.

Use our modern facilities

Bytesnet can offer you a well-equipped meeting room, as well as an auditorium to launch a new idea to a larger audience, for example. Or you can hold a stand-up meeting in our scrum room to discuss the progress of your AI, ML or AR project. You can also come to us for a temporary workplace in perhaps the most inspiring innovative environment in the North of the Netherlands.

Innovative? We certainly are!

After all, data innovation also means that we offer data storage with enormous capacity and computing power in a unique High Performance Consortium with three very prominent players. This may bring your idea to the market even faster, or allow us to put you in contact with even more innovative people.

Are you interested in innovating together?

When we start innovating together, we will undoubtedly work together for a longer period of time!