Safety and reliability

Bytesnet holds all certifications and has a proven record as a trustworthy partner.

You cannot simply walk into one of our data centres. The door will not open for you until you are authorised by means of an access pass and biometric scanners. Double security is in place, so nobody else can get in with your pass. The server racks are only accessible via SmartACCESS. This means that only a digital card reader can access the racks and records are kept exactly who opened a specific rack and for what period of time. For example, access is only granted to employees who have been given permission to carry out maintenance. If desired, information about actual maintenance times can be issued.

Data traffic must never stop, because critical processes depend on this in many cases. That is why we are proud to say that the lights have never gone out since our establishment. We guarantee and continue our reliability through our quality certifications, ISAE3402 type II, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 2017 for all locations and operations, all 100% within scope and with 0 findings. Moreover, we also impose heavy standards on ourselves, for example with regard to corrosion prevention. Everything is done with the aim of guaranteeing the highest level of security and reliability.

What choice will you make?

Whoever has data has strength and power. You may opt to put sensitive customer data in a public cloud with a foreign provider, but it is undoubtedly better to control customer data on your own territory. More and more customers have their reasons for doing so. Read here why this is becoming increasingly important.