Housing & Co-Location

Reliability, safety and continuity

Is your valuable data stored securely or is the server located in a vulnerable, unsecured area? Relocating your own server to an optimally secured and climate-controlled Bytesnet space provides a good solution. We refer to this as housing. Reliability, security and continuity are three important keywords.

1. Reliability – data must always be available

“Only one is as good as none!” This statement applies to many matters, especially when it comes to the storage of data. That is why we co-host your data in a second location if desired and we offer multiple forms of redundancy. A data centre should never be dependent on a single power supplier. The emergency power supply in our data centres is always backed up by emergency generators and a second power provider (Tier3+). Another unique aspect of our proposition is that we can provide a connection through various telecom and network providers. In the unlikely event of an unexpected failure at the one, we guarantee the continuity of data transport through a second provider.

2. Data security
Bytesnet guarantees the optimal security of data stored on private racks and corridors, cages or suites. Our strict SLAs are also binding in our collaboration with data centre colleagues, where a mirrored arrangement of the data is accommodated. All persons who visit our data centres are checked beforehand, during and afterwards. Their movements are recorded on video, without compromising our hospitality.

Access is strictly regulated, 24/7
Data centres are only accessible to authorised persons and the procedure is set up and certified in accordance with ISO 27001. Any unauthorised visitors must identify themselves upon entry before they are allowed to step over the threshold of the data centre. Customers can independently access their equipment 24/7.

Smart, secure access control via SmartACCESS
SmartACCESS, in which a digital card reader is placed on the racks, is a standard part of our service. Access to racks is therefore authorised and responsibilities can be separated from each other. Another advantage is that the data generated by SmartACCESS also indicates the duration of the work activities. It shows who opened a rack, when it was opened and how long the work took to complete. SmartACCESS thereby prevents unnecessary discussions about invoices.

Secured against fire
All data floors and technical areas are equipped with a redundant Very Early Smoke Detection Alarms (VESDA) system that detects dust and soot particles. In the unlikely event of a fire, it will be quickly detected so that measures can be taken immediately. If a fire should nevertheless start, adequate extinguishers will automatically extinguish the fire.

3. Higher demands on continuity
The continuity of a data centre depends on three major factors: Power, temperature and humidity. The power supply is 100% guaranteed through a balanced, redundant power supply, including at the mirrored location. The same applies to temperature and humidity. This is always in accordance with the current, officially established and recommended ASHRAE standard. The temperature is a minimum of 18◦C and a maximum of 27◦C, with a difference of a maximum of 5◦C per hour. Humidity is maintained at 30%-60%. At <30% there is a risk of static electricity and at >60% there is a risk of corrosion.

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Housing & co-location
Housing & co-location
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