Partner programme

Working together within one large business ecosystem

You are most likely a professional ICT service provider, an ISV (Independent Software Vendor), a Telecom organisation or perhaps a specialist in the field of digital security. But no matter who you are, we like to work with partners who want to integrate our services within their own proposition.

Distinctive power is created together
What advantages do your customers experience when you work with Bytesnet as a partner? Here are a few examples that reinforce your proposition:

• Data storage on Dutch territory at an organisation from the Netherlands. More and more companies are recognising that too much critical data is in the hands of large international players. Distinguish yourself with a better alternative.
• A highly reliable service. As an IT or ICT service provider, a full guarantee is provided on the continuity of the service provided. In the event of a power or infrastructure failure, immediate backup is arranged in all cases, which also applies to the data. We place the Cloud solutions from IT and ICT service providers securely on premises in our own data centres.
• The highest achievable digital security. For example, by offering lightning-fast direct fibre-optic connections. (Dark fibre)

In addition to the fact that our strict certifications, SLA and security aspects enhance your range of services, it is not inconceivable that we may jointly identify new opportunities. After all, Bytesnet’s network is large. Naturally, you remain the point of contact and contract partner.

As a Bytesnet partner you also benefit
Bytesnet offers attractive discounts for partners on our services in the field of Housing & Co-location. We also offer a monthly fee if customers have been brought in directly or indirectly through the partner.

Offer something different than competitors
Do you want to be a trusted advisor for customers and do you, like us, set the highest standards in terms of security and quality of data storage and data transport? Together we can explore how we can reinforce each other in a discussion without any obligation.

Would you like to learn more? Contact Michael!

Would you like more information about our solutions? Please contact us for a discussion without any obligation!